Protect your domain with DMARC

The ability to easily identify a legit email message is changing the industry for the better.

In this webinar, dmarcian will present a case study about a yearlong project with PostNL (in Italy known as Nexive) implementing DMARC, including the business justification, technical undertakings, departmental process changes, and overall project management. PostNL is the leading postal service in the Netherlands with sizable market share in both Italy (17%) and Germany (8%).

DMARC fixes fundamental flaws and adds new features to email never available before:

  • Delivery Use the same modern plumbing that mega companies use to deliver email.
  • Security Disallow unauthorized use of your email domain to protect people from spam, fraud, and phishing.
  • Visibility Gain visibility into who and what across the Internet is sending email using your email domain.
  • Identity Make your email easy to identify across the huge and growing footprint of DMARC-capable receivers.

Since 2012, dmarcian has been helping organizations of every size across the globe to deploy DMARC.
Dmarcian provides resources, support and technology solutions with the ultimate goal to upgrade the entire email ecosystem. Dmarcian processes DMARC data on more than 20.000 customers and more than 2 million domains.

Contactlab works together with dmarcian to help customers implement DMARC.
If you start a dmarcian paid account before January 2018, you'll receive a 10% discount.

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Martijn Groeneweg General Manager Europe, dmarcian
Wesley Rietveld Sales Director Europe, dmarcian
Marco Franceschetti Head of Deliverability, Contactlab


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